-Start working professional jewellery designer start from 2012

-Launched in 2012, Mema Al Shafey merges her passion for jewellery and design for the perfect balance of understated elegance and unmatched quality. With a collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and tiaras, each design are preciously hand-made using 18k gold for plating, 925k silver, and various precious and semi-precious gemstones.

-The aim of my designs to be accessible for the everyday woman: “Ask any woman where they bought or received a certain piece of jewellery and they will tell you a story.” Jewellery today is more of a fashion statement or a reflection of who you are as explained by the designer.

-Inspirations spin from everything to anything. Absorbing surroundings, I’m susceptible to materials such as gold, silver, gems as well as art, words, expressions and cultures hence the creation of Torath.

-Having a preference for silver, but fearing it might present itself as too traditional in use, I’m always on the lookout for fresh ideas, making my designs appealing to all age groups and specifically the trendy lady, modernizing my pieces it to the taste of the new era. The beauty of each design is found in its quality and delicacy. But most importantly, it is found in the unexpected details infused to create its harmony.

– As an art director it’s my sole charge to unify all the inputs and different visions of the participants and factors of an art piece or scene. The overall visual appearance is what eventually communicates visually with the receiver and stimulates mood and affects pretty much of the psychological impact of the art work. Every project should deliver a certain message and the mood of the scene is to bring about a lot of emotions and senses that ensures that this message meets its targeted audience.

– One of the most difficult problems that I might face is translating desired moods, messages, concepts and underdeveloped ideas into imagery. It’s the brainstorming and the whole team engagement the brings up to my mind what the finished scene or piece might look like. My goal is always try to make sure that the final message or concept behind the art work is properly delivered in a way that meets the needs or the purpose of the whole project as well as satisfying our creative minds.

– Acting as an art director for the photo-shoots of my designs saves a lot of time as I already know the story behind each and every piece as well as the concept to be delivered via these shoots. The models and celebrities participating in those shoots are also a crucial part of the process. The way they emotionally perceived the ideas and the mood of the designs helped a lot in directing the whole project to express the true meaning of each design concept.

With All My Respect. MEMA ElShafey